Updates in the TEPPFA Team

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Sergejs Maslakovs has joined the TEPPFA team as Communication, Events and Office Management Assistant, replacing Andreea Marginean since July 2017.

Sergejs is a Latvian national with Russian roots and is proficient in four languages. He has a multidisciplinary education from the UK, combining Business and Law from Essex and Bristol Universities.

Prior to TEPPFA Sergejs was based in Geneva, working as a Project Management Assistant on various international development projects in collaboration with such stakeholders as CERN scientists, Investment Companies and Swiss banks. Sergejs is also very familiar with the manufacturing industry, previously working as a Commercial Assistant at EMR Engineering in Latvia.

Mr. Maslakovs’ experience includes work in both public and private sectors, he is an active networker and has organised various events in Brussels.

He is a keen Chess player and a winner of international championships, enjoys reading literature, taking part in various sports and outdoor activities. Feel free to challenge him to a game of chess or a discussion in politics at one of our next events.