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Service Life of Sewers


A TEPPFA sponsored independently conducted analysis of the in-service performance of plastic and concrete sewer systems is one of the largest projects of its type ever carried out in Europe. The study examined over 1,800 kilometres of sewers with some very interesting and revealing results related to leakage causing infiltration of ground water and exfiltration of sewage. To access the full report following this link to the TEPPFA website:


Buried Pipe Design


TEPPFA has developed a design tool for calculating the long term deflection of buried pipelines. Based on the outcome of a major programme of trial installations to determine the behaviour of buried pipelines it provides a means of assessing the long term performance of pipes taking into account the type and quality of bedding and backfill, the level of workmanship as well as the physical characteristics of the pipes.  It can be accessed free of charge via the TEPPFA website homepage (www.teppfa.eu) just click on “calculation method”.

Frequently Asked Questions


The website contains a wealth of general and technical data on plastic piping systems via the “Frequently asked questions” icon. The standard format for each question provides three levels of information:

a)    A brief “top level” answer

b)    A more detailed answer

c)   Links to reference documents for those requiring even more background information on the specific question.