study covers all major types of pipe applications   

The study covers all major types of pipe applications


There is a mountain of information being circulated these days regarding the environmental footprints of different construction products. Teppfa realises that it can sometimes be quite daunting for designers to find their way around this minefield of data and ensure they are making the right decisions on behalf of their clients when it comes to choosing the best options to ensure required performance levels are achieved whilst reducing the overall environmental impact of the project.

When it comes to pipe systems, TEPPFA has been working away to make this process more transparent and straightforward.

The results of a three year project to produce “cradle to grave” life cycle analyses have recently been published by TEPPFA. The independent studies, conducted on behalf of TEPPFA by a leading LCA specialist, cover all major pipe product application areas including soil & waste, underground drainage, water supply & internal plumbing. They provide details of the environmental impact of typical installations and compare plastic systems with alternative materials. 

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No troubled water for Golden Horn Bay Bridge

How could bridge engineers in Russia remove rainwater even during harsh weather conditions from one of the world’s longest cable-stayed bridges?

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Could plastic waste become a raw material for the future?

A recently published EU green paper describes the issues faced by most EU countries over landfill mountains and discusses...

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