Construction products regulation & CE marking

Will this affect the way in which plastic pipes should be specified?


On the 1st July 2013 the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) superseded the Construction Products Directive (CPD) this means that by law any products which are covered by a harmonized European Standard (hEN) must have a declaration of performance (DoP) and the product themselves need to be CE marked.

In the case of most plastic pipes the necessary harmonized European Standard (hENSs) have not yet been published which means these products are not allowed to be CE marked and DoP’s cannot be prepared. This situation applies to plastic pipes designed for the following applications:

  • Non-pressure Soil & Waste discharge
  • Underground non-pressure drainage and sewerage
  • Buried and above ground conveyance of liquids under pressure
  • Hot & cold water distribution

So plastic pipes designed for all these applications can still be specified, sold and installed under existing approvals to recognized product standards without CE marking but with the quality you are accustomed to.

TEPPFA experts are working closely with CEN and the European Commission to ensure the necessary harmonized standards are finalized and published as soon as possible however it is important to note that CE marking of the products can only begin when the hENs are officially published.

It is also worth noting that plastic rain gutter systems fall outside the scope of CE marking.


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