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Buried Pipes Design Tool: A powerful tool is reborn!

Almost 20 years ago TEPPFA initiated and supported a study to prove how buried pipes behave in the ground:  The Buried Pipes Design project.  The study was headed by Ingemar Björklund from KWH pipe and was supported by the best experts and professors available. The 12 members of the steering committee in total had more than 300 years of experience in pipe design and pipe installation.

The overall objective of the study was to document performance of buried plastic pipes when installed under different conditions. The knowledge gave input to the European standardization of installation guides and next to that the plastic pipe industry could now give clear and proven advice to our customers, including avoiding overkills in the installation requirements.

At the end of the day the study also became a powerful tool in the marketing of our products as we now could prove that the usual misconceptions about plastic pipes were wrong:

  • Deflection will increases with installation depth and with traffic load. WRONG!
  • Pipe ring stiffness is the governing factor determining the performance. WRONG!
  • Pipe loses stiffness with time. WRONG!
  • To predict the structural performance an extensive design method is needed. WRONG!
  • Flexible behavior is a disadvantage. WRONG!
  • Deflected pipe loses its discharge capacity and tightness. WRONG!

Because of the abundance of data for installed pipes, it was possible to develop a calculation tool. When entering installation details such as soil type, installation depth, compaction and pipe diameter, material and stiffness into the tool you will receive a calculation of the likely deflection of the buried pipe: Both the deflection immediately after the installation and in the long term.

The tool has been available on our web site but for a short period after the launch of the updated site the link to it has been missing. It is now re-established and you can find it on the TEPPFA home page using the drop-down menu under “Pipe Systems” (“Pipe Design” and “Buried Pipe Design Tool”).  

Or alternatively: You can go directly to the tool by following this link: buriedpipesdesign.teppfa.eu

New man on board!

Peter Sejersen has joined the TEPPFA team as Technical Manager. He has an impressive expertise in the plastic pipes business, previously working for Wavin and being responsible for 8 manufacturing sites in Scandinavia, including: QA, HSE and standardization. 

Along with duties at Wavin, Peter has been actively involved in public and political discussions around the environmental issues of PVC. For a number of years, he was chairman of the PVC recycling initiative in Denmark and for this effort he was awarded by the Industry Federation in 2012.

Peter’s main tasks will be the coordination of various projects in collaboration with member companies and external specialists. He will also provide support to the task forces and application groups within TEPPFA.

Peter is a Danish citizen and holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering. As Technical Manager, he will be succeeding Sandor Aranyi.