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Quickfire Questions with Henk Meerman

In this new regular feature of the TEPPFA magazine we give an industry veteran 10 minutes to come up with answers to 10 searching questions.


Name: Henk Meerman

Job Title: Manager Standardization & Certification

Company: Tessenderlo Plastic Pipes Systems

Activities at TEPPFA:

  • Chairman of TEPPFA CEST
  • Member of Application Groups Civils, Building and Drinking Water
  • Several Task Forces among others Recycling, Fire

Country of Residence: The Netherlands

the good cooperation between its members, companies and national associations and not on any one single person.

7. The TEPPFA stand-out project or initiative?
The TEPPFA project of Sewer installation time which shows the clear advantage of plastic piping systems in the field of underground drainage.

8. If you could change one EU policy overnight what would it be and why?
Recyclates from used plastic pipes and fittings shall be left out of the REACH regulation. I foresee that REACH could have a very negative impact or even prohibit the use of thermoplastic materials.

9. The person from history you would most like to have dinner with and why?
Very difficult question… On a personal level I have very nice memories of the various TEPPFA meetings I have attended. The discussions were open minded and there was always time for a good sense of humour. After the meetings there was also room for a good exchange of personal thoughts and ideas under a nice dinner atmosphere.

10. One major lesson emerging markets could learn from the plastic pipes industry in Europe?
For the approach of global topics in regulations as public health, drinking water, fire, safety and sustainability an association of manufacturers sharing their know-how is a “must” for a good success for all stakeholders concerned.

1. How long in the industry?
More than 30 years active in the Plastics Pipes business at KIWA, DYKA and Tessenderlo PPS.

2. The greatest achievement in your career?
A well accepted and sound standard for structured wall plastic piping systems for underground drainage (EN13476).

3. Why have plastic pipe systems been so successful in recent years?
Plastic piping systems show an excellent performance in installation time and service and in sustainability. Beyond that the ratio of quality - performance and price is significantly better than competing materials.

4. The biggest opportunity for the plastic pipes sector in the future?
The introduction of bio-based plastics in plastic piping systems for pressure and non-pressure applications. Here also bio degradable plastics could be considered for limited lifetime applications such as as irrigation.

5. The biggest challenge for the plastic pipes sector in the future?
The introduction of recyclates in plastic piping systems for a sustainable society.

6. The TEPPFA colleague whose achievements have impressed you the most?
Difficult question… In my view the major achievements of TEPPFA till now resulted from