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Spotlight on a National Association: Poland

Find out more about the goals and activities of TEPPFA National Association members in this new regular segment

The Polish Association of Plastic Pipes and Fittings Producers (PRiK) was established in 2004 as an initiative of leading Polish plastic pipes producers and R&D specialists. The main goals of the association are:

  • representing our members in contacts with official bodies (governmental, municipal administration, legal, environmental)
  • promotion of plastic pipe systems as environmental friendly
  • cooperation with international and national standardization bodies to improve existing international standards and create new ones
  • cooperation within the association towards better manufacturing and installation procedures and wider usage of recyclates
  • organization of technical conferences and seminars
  • publishing of technical leaflets promoting good installation practices
  • educational and promotional activity

PRiK is co-sponsor and active member of TC 140 (Pipes, Fittings and Fixtures from Plastic Materials) of Polish Normalization Committee (PKN). Our representatives take part in translating European standards into Polish and creating our own Polish standards in that field. TC 140 is one of most active technical committees in PKN and PRiK solely financed the publishing of over 30 standards. We are also active member of TC 278 of PKN (Water and Sewage networks). Our Association cooperates with TC 155 CEN (Plastic piping systems and ducting systems), TC 165 CEN (Waste water engineering) and ISO TC 138 (Plastic pipes fittings and valves for the transport of fluids).  Knowing how important it is to have a knowledge of up-to-date standards, every 2 years we publish a list of all standards in operation in our business range (both as a leaflet and on our web site).

PRiK published 1 book (L-E. Janson “Plastic Pipes for Water Supply and Sewage Disposal”), 10 technical brochures and several technical articles in professional newspapers. Our association organized eight technical conferences and published all presentations both on paper and on our website. Our website is also a useful tool to promote good installation solutions, to answer several technical questions we receive and to keep our customers and general public well informed.

Our association is also a partner of leading Technical Universities by offering lectures and presentations dealing with most modern products and installation techniques.

PRiK has been a member of TEPPFA for many years and is currently a National Association representative on the TEPPFA Executive Committee.

PRiK membership is divided into two categories – personal and supporting. We have approximately 30 personal members and 9 supportive members: DYKA, HOBAS, IMPiB, Kaczmarek, Nicoll, PIPELIFE, PLASTIMEX, Uponor and Wavin.