All TEPPFA member companies are committed to continuously improve the safety performance of all sites. In 2012 a new task force was created to focus specifically on worker’s safety. Their objective is to share knowledge and expertise towards the ultimate goal of zero accidents.

The first measure we took was benchmarking: How is my company performing compared with the industry and the TEPPFA average? Every year since 2012 we have collected statistics from each of the TEPPFA company members: the number of injuries with absenteeism in percentage of working hours (LTIF) as well as the severity rate (average number of lost days). The figures are anonymized so each company can only compare against the TEPPFA average and not against each individual company.

Furthermore, the statistics give us detailed information on the type of injury. During the last couple of years it has become evident that one single area is the most prone to accidents by far: handling and logistics. In 2015 more than 30% of the accidents were linked to this area. We have therefore initiated a procedure of sharing best safety practice in logistics where each individual member explains the measures they have taken to work safely. An example is the so called “beeper-keeper” which is a warning system that tells the fork lift driver when a pedestrian approaches.

Another example of how we work together in the group is offering an IT system for sharing. The system is designed to document, report and follow up on accidents and incidents. The software and the iPhone apps are developed by one of the members and are now offered to other members as we all aim for eliminating accidents. A good example of working together in spite of being fierce competitors in the market place!

The task force is headed by Ray Sibbald from Pipelife and in total the group has 8 members. As all of us are committed to help and learn from each other for the sake of enhanced safety.