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TEPPFA Public Affairs Activities: Punching Above Our Weight!


Where safeguarding the interests of the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings industry at a European level is concerned, often referred to as public affairs, but perhaps better known as lobbying or advocacy activities, it can be said that TEPPFA punches above its weight!

With a small yet dedicated team, and with the help of experts from the member companies, TEPPFA is involved in many dossiers which might have a (significant) impact on the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings industry.

For example, it will become more and more important to communicate environmental information about plastic pipe products across the supply chain. To be a serious partner of policymakers, specifiers, designers, installers and other chain partners, manufacturers need to provide accurate up to date environmental data for their products. TEPPFA has taken the lead in collecting data, which is used as the basis for Environmental Product Declarations. Because TEPPFA had been so pro-active in this area, and has a vision on how this data can best be used, it was a small step for the association to get involved in an official European Commission pilot project to evolve a new system of calculating and communicating environmental impact information of products: “Product Environmental Footprint” (PEF).

Not only has participating in this pilot given TEPPFA an invaluable insight into this subject it has also helped greatly in further improving the working relationship between the association and the relevant departments of the EC (DG Growth and DG Environment).

Although this can clearly be viewed as a success for TEPPFA, it has to be said that most successes are shared successes. TEPPFA’s clear focus and successful track record demonstrates its unique position as the European voice of the plastics pipes and fittings industry making TEPPFA the “go to” organisation for information related to the sector. But often developments are more generic in nature, concerning all plastics, or all building products. In the former case TEPPFA works in conjunction with umbrella organisations such as EuPC, the European Association for Plastic Converters, and Plastics Europe, the European Association for Plastic Manufacturers, and in the latter case with CPE, the association for Construction Products in Europe.

Thoroughly prepared and carefully considered co-operation with other associations creates a leverage which enhances TEPPFA’s influence and allows it to continue to punch above its weight!