Teppfa video proves significant time savings with plastic sewer system

It has been long been known that installing a plastic sewer system would be faster than installing concrete. Teppfa now has the visual proof of this assumption!
In Denmark in August 2013, an independent contractor installed both a plastic and a concrete sewer system – consisting of 90 meters of pipe and 2 inspection chambers - in a 2 meter deep trench.
As you can see in the video (http://youtu.be/Z1Wf5pFOdGg), the plastics installation was over 30% faster (3 hours and 19 minutes vs. 5 hours and 12 minutes
for concrete).

This non-scientific study shows:

  •       Under similar installation conditions, the plastic system was installed 30% faster than concrete.
  •       The largest time savers are:
  •       Installing the chamber – positioning can be done manually
  •       Laying the pipe – pipe lengths are longer, fewer connections are needed
  •       The reduced number of journeys for moving pipes from the site storage area to the trench location
  •       Handling the plastic system is easier: Pipes can be hand-carried by 2 people, the chamber was carried by one person. The concrete system could only be moved by machine.
  •       Placing a chamber in the plastics system can occur at an exactly specified point because standard pipes can easily be cut to length on site. With concrete, custom-made lengths would       need to be made; using standard lengths – as in the video – the position may be off by up to 50cm.

The project and its findings were presented at the XVII International Plastic Pipes Conference in Chicago in September.