The value of national associations: an example from the Netherlands

Teppfa, the European plastic pipes and fittings association, has next to its 11 company members 15 national association members.

The Dutch national association is BureauLeiding, home of 5 plastic pipe and fittings producers in the Netherlands. Founded in 1974 it’s celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

This anniversary proved a good reason to host in October 2014 the annual Teppfa National Associations meeting. BureauLeidings’ home town The Hague, also the seat of the Dutch Parliament and home to the Dutch government, was chosen as venue.

Next to meetings of the Teppfa National Associations, the Teppfa Executive Committee and the Teppfa Communication Working Group, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the cultural and culinary qualities of The Hague. A.o. a visit to the recently renovated Mauritshuis museum, which houses a world class collection of Dutch masters from the 17th and 18th century, including some famous Vermeers and Rembrandts, is included, as well as a traditional Indonesian “rijsttafel”.

Topics that most certainly will be discussed at the meeting in The Hague are the tension between European chemicals legislation REACH and the recycling targets required to establish a true circular economy, the development of harmonised European standards which are required for CE marking, and test results demonstrating that the lifetime of both PVC pipes and polyolefine pipes can be well over 100 years.

Three of five BureauLeiding members are also Teppfa company member, and as such they are very active both on a European level and in the Netherlands. Since representing the interests of the plastic pipes and fittings industry – or any industry for that matter -, requires a presence not only in Brussels, but also in EU members states, both companies and associations benefit from the structure via which Teppfa unites the European plastic pipes and fittings industry.

The meeting in October 2014 in The Hague will once certainly be proof of this.